As a member of the Silver Gate Yacht Club, your opportunities to enrich your friendships and boating experiences are virtually unlimited.

Take part in your favorite boating activities

Whatever brings you to boating, Silver Gate has it. If you love racing,  cruising,  fishing,  powering or sailing model V32's, there's a fleet for you.

Racing Fleet

Participate in Monthly Club Races plus endless races sponsored by many San Diego racing organizations. Silver Gate is the host for the annual Schooner Cup and the host for the post Beer Can Race parties.

Cruising Fleet

Spend memorable hours anchored in beautiful locations, in the company of friends with our annual cruising raft ups.

Fishing Fleet

Join use for the Anglers Breakfast through out the year. 

Power Fleet

Participate in popular cocktail cruises and become valuable race event committee boats.
Non-racers are also big participants in these exciting events as planners and committee boat crews.

V32 Fleet

Challenge your fellow members at more than a dozen organized V32 model races annually.