Participate in Monthly Club Races plus endless races sponsored by many San Diego racing organizations. Silver Gate is the host for the annual Schooner Cup and the host for the post Beer Can Race parties.

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"When we joined SGYC, it was to race with the area fleets. We found a network of friends interested in racing and a willingness to share boating information, tools, and time."

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Racing Fleet

February President's Day Race Results
February 2019 Presidents Day Race Sailing Instructions
January 2019 Presidents Day & Midwinters NOR
January 2019 Frostbite Race Results
January 2019 Frostbite Race SSIs
JANUARY 2019 Frostbite Race NoR
November 2018 Turkey Day Race results
NOVEMBER 2018 Turkey Day Race NoR
NOVEMBER 2018 Turkey Day Race SSIs
October 2018 Man O War results
OCTOBER 2018 ManOWar Sailing Instructions
OCTOBER 2018 Man O War Race NoR
September 2018 Privateer Race Results
September 2018 Privateer Race Sailing Instructions
September 2018 Privateer Race NoR
AUGUST 2018 WindjammerRace SailingInstructions-Standard
AUGUST 2018 Windjammer Race NoR
JULY 2018 Commodore's Race Results
August 2018 Windjammer Race Results
2018 Standings
2018 Commodore's Race SSIs.
July 2018 Commodore's Race NoR
June 2018 Clipper Race Results
June 2018 CLIPPER Sailing Instructions-Standard
June 2018 Clipper Race NoR
May 2018 Galleon Race Results
2018 SGYC Sail Racing Fleet Standings YTD
April 2018 Jane Swett Regatta Race Results
April 2018 Jane Swett Regatta Sailing Instructions
April 2018 Jane Swett Regatta NOR
MARCH 2018 St Patrick's Day Race Results
MARCH 2018 St Patrick's Day Sailing Instructions-Standard
MARCH 2018 St Patrick's Day NoR
January 2018 Midwinter Race Results
January 2018 Presidents Day Race Results
February 2018 Presidents Day Race Sailing Instructions-Standard
February 2018 President's Day and Midwinters NOR
January 2018 Frostbite Race Results
January 2018 Frostbite Race Sailing Instructions
January 2018 Frostbite Race NOR
2017 SGHF Standings Final
2017 V-32 Standings
November 2017 Turkey Day Race Results
November 2017 Turkey Day Race Sailing Instructions
November 2017 Turkey Day Race NOR
October 2017 Man O'War Race Results
October 2017 Man O'War Race Sailing Instructions
September 2017 Privateer Race Results
October 2017 Man O'War Race NOR
September 2017 Privateer Race Sailing Instructions
September 2017 Privateer Race NOR
Windjammer Race Results (pdf)
Windjammer Race Results
2017-09 Windjammer SailingInstructions-Standard
2017-08 Windjammer NOR
2017-07 Commodores NOR
2017-07 Commodores Race
2017-06 Clipper SailingInstructions-Standard
2017-06 Clipper NOR
2017-06 Clipper Race
2017-05 GalleonRace SailingInstructions-Standard
2017-05 Galleon Race
2017-04 JaneSwettRegatta SailingInstructions
2017-04 JaneSwettRegatta NOR
2017-04 JaneSwettRegatta
2017-03 StPatricksDay SailingInstructions-Standard
2017-03 StPatricksDay NOR
2017-03 StPatricksDay Race
2017-02 PresidentsDay NOR
2017-02 PresidentsDay Race
2017-01 PresidentsDay SailingInstructions-Standard
2017-01 Frostbite SIs revJH
2017-01 Frostbite NOR
2017-01 Frostbite Race
2017-01 Frostbite Race results rev2
2017 Schooner Cup Results
2016-4-2-Schooner Cup Notice of Race Flyer
2016-02 PresidentsDay SI Amendment
2016-02 PresidentsDay SailingInstructions
2016-02 PresidentsDay NOR
2016 Standings
2016 Fleet Calendars
2012SchoonerCupSI FINAL1
2012 CoronadoIsl NOR Entry Form